#10 Compost. All I know is that it is a lightly hopped (willamette) pale ale. Adding fruits during secondary fermentation increases the volume of the brew, but some of this volume is lost when beer is racked from the remaining fruit solids. The exact method for preparing the fruit will vary depending on the fruit in question and whether it’s fresh or frozen fruit you are adding … You can plan for this by making less volume of your base beer, but making it somewhat more concentrated. Do add orange peel and coriander. A lemon keeps mosquitos and ants away from your precious crops and flowers. Once you’ve pasteurized your mashed fruit, bag it in a hop bag like you would dry hops and add it to your secondary fermenter or keg. What I've done in the past is add a bit of the zest from the lemon or orange (I've never used lime) at the end of the boil. Make sure all the juices make it into the fermenter, too, even if the bag doesn’t contain it. Try adding about an .5 to .75 oz by weight of lemon zest to a saison. The degree you need to change your base beer depends, of course, on how much fruit you plan to add. The taste was spectacular and I never looked back. If you can’t use the peels for anything else, you can always add them to your compost bin. Pull samples and once it tastes as you hoped, yank the bag and bottle or start serving! Cut up your orange peels, add them into the jar/bottle/whatever, and add a few ounces of vodka. Jamming a Pick-Me-Up bouquet into your mash tun probably isn’t going to win you any fans. Try using a zester, or a regular peeler, but be sure not to scrape any of the pith (the white stuff). Easy there, Merlin Olsen. You could make an orange peel or coriander extract easily enough and add that during secondary. Using the whole fruit can give an overpowering flavor and the lemon peel has a more concentrated lemon flavor and fragrance when compared to the juice of the lemon. Adding peel will likely contribute more bitterness than fruit flavor. No, a lemon peel won’t scare off that weird uncle of yours, but it will keep unwanted guests out of your garden. What i do about 30 min into the boil. Floral Herbs. Will work. I'll be receiving 5 gallons of free wort this coming week and would like to spice it up a bit. Into the boil Lemon peel was the first thing I used to second ferment my kefir. In secondary. The pith imparts a somewhat harsh bitterness and little of the desired flavor. In a muslin bag. I really recommend just using the lemon peel, about a 6 inch strip for a quart of kefir is perfect. All you need is some inoffensive vodka, a jar, and the ingredient you want to concentrate the flavor of. Skip the tea pot and add lemon verbena, kaffir lime leaves, or lemongrass to your homebrew for a straight-up shot of citrus goodness that’ll make your hops pop. In my experience, adding fruit to beer in secondary fermentation is an effective way to get fruit flavor into a beer. Then, simply age it on the fruit like you would dry hops.

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