If you’re interested in more visual design ideas, see my book, Visual Design Solutions. Use 4-6 Bullet Points. Each position should have 4-6 bullet points listed. Simple text is one of... 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Using images can be another way to use bullet points effectively. Dress the Bullets Up. There are many possible alternatives to bullet lists in PowerPoint that will make your slides more catchy and impress the audience. Using a list like above is better than bullets, but it’s still pretty dull. Here are six bullet alternatives you can create in any graphics program or in PowerPoint. | Breezentations, Donna J. Lazzell (djlazzell) | Pearltrees, Most Shared Articles on The eLearning Coach in 2012: The eLearning Coach, Minimise “blur” (FiRST framework – part 1m) | Remote Possibilities, 5 Steps To A PowerPoint Redesign: Instructional Design and eLearning, Making Training & Development documents easier to digest « Training And Development Guru, Liven Up Your Lists | HRD Online Training Blog, Viral Notebook » Diigo bookmarks & resources for January 11, 2012, In Presentations and eLearning Visuals are worth a thousand Bullets on a Slide | Trends in eLearning & mLearning, Ban the Bullets | CallCenterBestPractices.com, Altri suggerimenti per gestire i punti elenco nelle slide « Presentazioni Efficaci, Learning in the Government: Post-Conference, 6 Alternatives To Bullet Lists – Instructional Design & eLearning. How to improve content presentation. PowerPoint® and Microsoft are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation, Get The Latest Templates Delivered To Your Inbox, Simple Alternative to Bullet Points using Text Boxes. An Alternative to Bullet Points. … If you really have to keep your text and your bullets on one slide – try to “over do” it. I do this a lot - sometimes by building the content of … A simple alternative to a list is to place each item into a a text box that is arranged in a suitable layout. You can use one color or several ones for each item. The trick for going beyond bullets is to think visually instead of a list of text items. Other bullet list creative ideas for PowerPoint can be achieved using SmartArt graphics and other similar PowerPoint graphics. However, maybe one of the simplest ways is to use text boxes in the slide, instead bullet points. For example, the following image uses a creative layout as an alternative to bullet points, and it is easily created with SmartArt. Bullet Points Level 1 text appears inside the hexagons. This is another good way to display bullet lists instead of the classical bullet lists in PowerPoint. To achieve this design, you can start adding a textbox and then format it to display the text vertically (under text layout) and then change Do not autofit so you can change the height of the textbox. They grab quickly attention to the certain point:You can apply your brand colors to the lists, as the arrows are PowerPoint editable shapes. You can use the alternating hexagons in PowerPoint represent a series of interconnected ideas. An easy solution for this slide can be seen below: use one slide for each bullet point idea. Simple Alternative to Bullet Points using Text Boxes There are many possible alternatives to bullet lists in PowerPoint that will make your slides more catchy and impress the audience. Since each slide will have minimal text, there is enough room on the slide to replace the white background with a stock image that will enhance the meaning of the slide. Free Simple Alternative to Bullet Points using Text Boxes is categorized under Categories: Text and use the following tags: Bullet List Overemphasize. 3 Tips for Your Resume Bullet Points. … Make 3D Plots for PowerPoint Presentations, How to Remove White Background from a Picture in Presentation, Google Dice: A Creative Way to Roll the Dice, 8 Things Presenters Can Learn from Stevenotes in 2021, Animated Your Infographic Template for PowerPoint, How to Make Faster Decisions to Avoid Paradox of Choice and FOBO. Additionally, you can enrich the main points by adding a symbol for each item. No spam, promise! Your email address will not be published. A bit of design Hockey Stick Growth and What it Means for a Business. Level 2 text appears outside the shapes. Here is an example of a PowerPoint slide that uses textboxes instead of Bullet Points and represent another way to display information. Simple text visuals | Remote Possibilities, Bulletproof your PowerPoint Presentations | karenbieger, Communicate Visually by Disguising Bullet Lists | UNC-CH Teaching & Learning Blog, Communicate Visually by Disguising Bulleted Lists | UNC-CH Teaching & Learning Blog, Bullet Points – Why You Should Not Hate Them!

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