Saved by Eleni Mouzala. Aluminium window detail and drawing in AutoCAD Dwg files include plan, elevations, sections, working plan, and various type of fitting details of Aluminium window. 20969 No. SL. PART 1 – GENERAL 1.1 WORK INCLUDED: 1. • Click on the links on the bottom of the page to go to Revit, SketchUp . SECTION 08520 ALUMINUM WINDOWS 1. 255. Window Detail Stair Detail Door Detail Sliding Windows Windows And Doors Sliding Doors Architecture Windows Architecture Details Computer Architecture. . Provide labor, material, equipment and services to furnish and install aluminum windows shown on drawings and specified herein. See more ideas about aluminum extrusion, extrusion, windows & doors. Dec 4, 2018 - What here pined are about aluminium extrusion profiles for windows & doors only. Section B 32 A 32 14.65 A 13 3 20581 1.10 0.344 0.263 0.233 kg/m Weight 2 20945 1 No. • From each section’s Quick Links page, click to any Drawing listed. • From any Drawing page, click the “Go Back to Quick Links” box on the bottom right of the page to return to the list of drawings. PART I - S/W 1/2" Cat Main - 2016 All dimensions in mm. Section A 0.90 0.80 DETAILS OF SLIDING WINDOW SECTIONS SERIES - A 15 mm. PDF and .DWG files. II - 129 Jindal Aluminium Ltd.

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