Texoma Region. BARRY ST. CLAIR: Carp fishing anyone? They are best known for their 1974 No. Cabin fever is warping your brains. Also looked at his pic vs. mark stevensons 17 lber and the St Clair fish does not look 18 You guys need to get outside. Will it ever get beaten? REfocus: An Inspiring Story Faith and Reach Out. Anybody know any more of the details? This is ... you will never guess — carp fishing talk. F. Joined: Jun 2005. We fantasize about each and every adventure, and hardly ever do we allow for the possibility that it may not live up to our expectations. The body of the book contains detailed descriptions of the vast majority of major fishing sites in Texas. Those of us who are passionate about the outdoors tend to live in a dream world. Barry St. Clair is an avid outdoorsman who has been a farmer, rancher, fisheries technician, outdoor outreach specialist, ... Discussing the origin of certain bass species, Texas fishing regulation, and more, this book's first chapter is a compelling introduction. Cook your own boilies or use commercial? Barry St. Clair We equip leaders globally who influence the younger generation to follow Jesus. World Record Largemouth Bass #1 for 88 Years – George Perry. But that's about all I know of the story of how Barry caught his state record bass. for Mr. Barry St. Clair. Barry Yeatts witnessed the STATE RECORD bass being caught that day, and ol' Barry is the man who had to bring in the new state record of 18.18 lbs. What does any of this gibberish mean? Adopt A Country Become a Country Advocate for 1 of 12 African Countries . Texoma Region. It stands as the IGFA record to this day, 88 years later! By Barry St. Clair; Apr 4, 2008; Hey mate, got your pod set and boilies chucked to your swim? F. Fly Rod Yakker OP. 1 UK hit, "Sad Sweet Dreamer. Pro Angler. Barry St. Clair is an avid outdoorsman who has been a farmer, rancher, fisheries technician, outdoor outreach specialist, freelance outdoor writer, columnist for Texas Fish and Game magazine, and outdoor columnist for the Athens Daily Review, Corsicana Daily Sun, and Palestine Herald Press in Texas. The legend named Geoge Perry caught a 22 pound 4-ounce largemouth bass in June 1932. Do you favor the hinge, withy pool, bogey bait, rhino or greedy pig rig? Career. Posts: 849. Barry Johnson Paul Douglas Marcel King Rikki Patrick St. Clair L. Palmer Gary Shaughnessy Leroy Smith Delroy Drummond: Sweet Sensation was an eight piece British soul group who had some success in the mid 1970s. Is your pop-up threaded on the hair? Originally Posted By: bassasaurusJust checked the share Lunker website and out says he caught it on a minnow. Reach Out Resources Produce life-change and life-changers. Posts: 849. #8640473 02/27/13 03:52 AM: Joined: Jun 2005. Fly Rod Yakker . Cuba Connection Over 1,500 youth leaders in Cuba have received in-depth Jesus-Focused training! OP. George Washington Perry Courtesy IGFA . Pro Angler. I know he was crappie fishing at Fork. By Barry St. Clair; Jul 17, 2008 Jul 17, 2008; As unbelievable as it may seem, even people who think they know a lot about catching fish get skunked occasionally. Story of Barry St. Clair's Big Bass? 22 lb 4 oz | Jun 1932 | Montgomery Lake, Georgia, USA.

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