This plant is a bit woody, with long slender leaves on the flower stalks mixed with slightly oblong leaves at the plant’s base. Herbal tea prepared from bee balm is effective for combating oral problems like Dental Caries, Tooth Aches and Gingivitis. Any idea of the cause of the black rot? Bee Balm is another name for Horsemint. You can bring out the natural sweetness of bee balm by making a floral jelly for use on toast or muffins. Black rot is a fungal disease that is more prevalent when conditions are … Closer to full sun but gets some shade. Spotted Bee Balm is a perennial herb that grows 1 to 3 feet tall with 2 to 4 inch long leaves. Also called bergamot and Oswego tea, it was the plant the American colonists used when they stopped using black tea in protest of British taxation. Bee balm is the common name for a fragrant flowering plant in the Monarda genus. 1 Response. Used as a mouthwash, bee balm is a treatment for sore throats and mouth sores. To ensure it keeps, add a bit of bee balm tincture to prevent spoilage. As a long-blooming plant, bee balm provides nectar and pollen for much of the season. It is an effective herbal cure for Headache. My concern is that, while it does grow very fast like a weed, most lower leaf pairs are brown on the edges of the leaves or have brown spots. Foliage provides forage for some important moth caterpillars. The whole plant is valuable for medicinal purposes. Hi all, I planted two beebalm this year and they grew to about 2 1/2 feet -3 feet tall and got a few blooms early july. The newest two pairs of leaves are always fine, but I'm wondering what the browning is. Bee Balm is used to counter Feverishness. The plant attracts pollinators, and is a good addition to homemade potpourris and lotions. DoA has created a super bee to fight Colony Collapse Disorder, Science and Technology, 5 replies Bee balm dying, Garden, 6 replies bee bee gun safety, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary, 13 replies To bee or not to bee… It grows best in full sun and prefers dry, sandy soils. Bee Balm, Garden, 1 replies Have you been rooting for the honey bee? Bee balm (), is also known as Oswego tea, horsemint, and bergamot.It’s a member of the mint family and a versatile perennial plant.. Moderate occasional watering. It alleviates the problem of Insomnia. The annual known as basil bee balm is a native of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana. The flower stalk supports multiple florets of pale purple bee balm flowers stacked neatly in a conical form. Then the leaves got the white mildew spots on it and now they kinda went dormant and look ugly. My bee balm stems are turning black at the base of the plant. Bee Balm Jelly. There is a little fungal growth on the leaves but not extensive. The leaves were chewed on battlefields and used for this purpose. Hennepin County Minnesota. Bee balm flowers are so captivating that they add color and beauty to any garden. Completely organic/no fertilizers.

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