The best hair brushes in the world are typically made from boar bristles—as in, hair from a wild boar. Rotating Hot Air Brushes. Promising review: “After trying for several years to find a good, not too stiff, boar bristle brush for my long hair, I have finally found one that is perfect. Check out our favorite detangling brushes … A stationary hot air brush is more affordable compared to a rotating brush so it’s a double win for those with fine hair. “It’s the gentlest brush possible and has soft, natural bristles. Fine hair naturally has thinner strands than other hair types, which means that it can be particularly fragile, and susceptible to damage and breakage. A rotating hot air brush comes with a rotating brush head. Its cushion setting allows for more flexible bristles so as not to pull any hair out,” she says. I have fine hair and some brushes are just too stiff and break the hair. A rotating hot brush is best for fine hair although you have to be careful with it. If hair loss is an issue or if you have a delicate scalp, Alvarez believes using a brush made for fine hair is best. We rounded up some of the best tools out there for getting the snarls and knots out of your hair, without causing too much damage. Since my hair is long, the full round brush is the best type. And using the wrong kind of hair brush is one of the biggest causes of breakage for fine hair. Keep reading to learn about the best brushes for fine hair, and when to use them. These hot tools are designed to boost volume and bounce.

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