A better quality brush translates into smoother finish application because a good brush holds more finish. Oil finishes deepen the color of walnut. This product packs a lot of features that portray the protective feature of a varnish and finishing properties of true wood oil. Many older walnut pieces that were originally finished with linseed oil or tung oil … But I have managed to make an old highly figured black walnut 870 trap stock look pretty nice with nothing but linseed oil… The RUST-OLEUM 65531 Watco Gallon Light Walnut Danish Oil Finish is a natural oil coating with varnish included in it for interior wooden surfaces. 3. It penetrates deeply, … Watco Teak Oil Finish – Good Choice for Dense Woods Such as Teak. I want to know how best to finish a walnut gun stock. I am sure I read the answer to this recently, but in my advancing age I have forgotten where. Would a coat of linseed or tung oil followed by several coats of oil … That’s a nice look and the oil adds protection, but it does nothing to warm the cool characteristics of the hardwood, especially the look of steamed walnut… I don't think the typical black walnut stock takes an oil finish as well as a varnish or poly-based finish like Tru Oil. Watco’s Teak Oil Finish is suitable for more difficult woods such as teak, rosewood or mahogany. Walnut has a reputation for being temperamental to finish, which is to say that achieving a long-lasting finish will require a little more work than simply applying a stain and polyurethane. Finishing Walnut .

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