Saturated fat per 100g: 7g Discuss: The best vegan meats and meat alternatives to grill this summer: Impossible, Beyond, Field Roast, MorningStar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burgers, MorningStar Farms Mediterranean Chickpea Burgers, Tofurky offers five different varieties of meat-free sausage, Field Roast has three of its own veggie-forward sausages, This is the best plant-based sausage we tried, Grilling Tips, Techniques, Tricks, and Tools: Everything You Need to Know About BBQ, 10 grilling tools under $25 to boost your BBQ game. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties 17.7g Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties 4.4g We at CHOICE acknowledge the Gadigal people, the traditional custodians of this land on which we work, and pay our respects to the First Nations people of this country. Read more: This is the best plant-based sausage we tried. Eaty Gourmet Burgers 59% As for the patties? Not only are there plentiful patty options, but yes, we live in a world with some excellent vegan sausages, too! Naturli (Funky Fields) Minced 100% Plant Based 51% The most expensive beef patty we found at Woolworths was $28 per kg ($3.50 per patty). "Convincing as meat … Think it's veg-based but a tough call," said one. Lentils and walnuts come together to make taco “meat” in Vegan Heaven’s recipe for Vegan Tacos With Lentil Walnut Meat. Boca Burger. ", "Meaty flavoured! If these are absent, likely the patties are best prepared via skillet or oven, and they might not be the best choice for bringing to a barbecue. "Add a bread roll, cheese and some sauce, and you've met your sodium quota in just one meal," she says. Burger patties and minces were tested separately. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. "These burger-patty and mince products can definitely provide a convenient option for people who are time poor and wanting an alternative to meat," she says. Coles Herb & Sons Beef-Free Mince 334mg And … A meaty taste may not necessarily be a selling point if you're vegan or vegetarian. Coles Herb & Sons Beef-Free Mince $2.75 With all of these, you need only to provide a brief visit to the grill for light heating and grill-mark purposes. Unreal Co Italian Beefy Burger 9.7g Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties $5.29 Lightlife offers a variety of vegan meat options, which are easy to identify, thanks to a prominent “certified vegan” logo on the package. Vegetarian meats (also called meat substitutes or mock meats) come in just about every type imaginable—from the common everyday veggie burger to the haggis and jumbo shrimp. Naturli (Funky Fields) Minced 100% Plant Based 8g According to its website, the Beyond options range in price from $13.50 to $16, or you can choose any other burger from its menu and swap the patty for a Beyond patty – just be prepared to pay an extra $3. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties 336mg Different from vegetarian meat, which can contain animal-derived products such as eggs or traces of dairy, vegan meat … Strong, smoky, meaty flavour. These are best purchased when a true hot dog-like option is called for -- perhaps when everyone else is eating hot dogs and you don't want to leave out the vegetarians and vegans. Tastes like beef. So do they actually taste like meat? You've got mighty fine options in 2020. Everything I've tried from BTB is pretty darn great too, so I'd recommend starting with the meatless 6-pack sampler which has faux turkey, chicken, beef and sausage patties for just $33. The Alternative Meat Co The Alternative Burger 580mg The new Lightlife Plant-Based Burger includes pea protein, coconut oil and beets as well, and lists BBQ instructions on its packaging as the top prep method. Price is based on the pack price in Sydney stores (not on special) in September 2019. ", "Is this a Beyond Burger? We prepared a Bolognese sauce with each mince, using the same ingredients and following any cooking instructions on pack. The Alternative Meat Co The Alternative Burger 3.7g Protein per 100g: 17.7g The Alternative Meat Co burger patty, for example, contains 638mg sodium – that's about 70% of a person's daily intake. Prepare with a healthy dose of mustard, ketchup, relish or whatever you typically add to hot dogs, as these are not packing a flavor punch like their faux-sausage counterparts. Next Gen 2 Plant-Based Burgers 13.4g, Sat fat per 100g (g) All of it makes plant-based living -- and grilling -- in 2020 more exciting than ever. And, the options are not only expanding but growing more and more delicious with every passing summer! For each sample, participants decided if they 'disliked', 'liked' or 'loved' it and wrote comments. You can find anything from faux plant-based beef burgers to wannabe chicken cutlets and even faux fishcakes that taste a whole lot like the real thing. Most vegans grew up eating meat, and many family traditions center on food. Nuts, Nut Butters and Seeds. Beyond Burger (left), Next Gen 2 (right), regular beef burger (back). Next Gen 2 Plant-Based Burgers 350mg, "Good texture, most like mince meat, great flavour. But if you're hoping to sneak plant-based meats into the kids' meals without them noticing, or encourage your carnivorous partner to embrace meat-free Monday, chances are you're looking for a meat alternative that looks, smells and most importantly tastes as close as possible to the real thing. So much of the flavor in typical taco meat comes from the seasonings, so by using the same spices, you can magically transform brown lentils and walnuts into a savory taco filling. Meat content: 85% beef Not only do they look like meat, but they're often sold alongside meat in the supermarket – and some even 'bleed' like meat when you cook them. If your grill party is more casual, and you don't want to have to worry about budgeting out a certain number of patties per person, it might serve you best to just grab a bunch of MorningStar or Gardein burgers and grill 'em as you need 'em. Next Gen 2 Plant-Based Burgers 12.3g, Sodium per 100g (mg) Next Gen 2 Plant-Based Burgers $1.78, Protein per 100g (g) For the vegetarian or vegan who is missing that salty, seafood summer, the fish burger and the Thai fish burger -- both plant-based -- are as good a substitute as any. "But if you're substituting these patties for meat in your menu on a weekly basis as a means of improving your health, you'll probably get more value from eating a piece of good quality lean meat," says Dynan. But slightly unnerving for a vegan. CHOICE supports the First Nations people's Uluru Statement from the Heart. The smoked apple sage, bratwurst, frankfurter and Mexican chipotle all deliver unique-yet-familiar flavor profiles all perfect for the grill. Beyond Meat Beyond Burger Plant-Based Patties 66% Some products also contain coconut oil, which bumps up their saturated fat content. For many vegetarians, "tastes like meat" isn't even a priority. It is also generally less expensive -- prices vary store to store, but a sample search online at Target yields about a dollar per patty for MorningStar and $3 per patty for Beyond Meat. These need only a light heating on your grill grates, and then they're ready for whichever bun-and-topping combinations you can think up. If there is a grill meat that exists, there is likely a plant-based version of it in stores or available online.

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