Pressing F5 also reloads the web page. Close (hide) graphical equalizer, Battlezone 98 Redux Shift + F1 is used to open the Reveal Formatting option in Microsoft Word. Close the current window. Close current document, The Bat! Close current file, Roblox Studio Close the current MDI child window, SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) F3 is also used to search for things on computer drives or folders. Close active tab, Skype Close Tab, Bluebeam Revu Close. - - - Just about everyone knows that Alt+Ctrl+Del interrupts the operating system, but most people don't know that Alt+F4 closes the current window. Sort items by type, Adobe Bridge CC Close selected window. - Press F7 if you want to open Caret Browsing on Mozilla Firefox. Close a file or window, HeidiSQL - Output, PeaZip Pressing Windows Key + F1 opens the Windows Support Center. - Close file, identical with Ctrl + N, Nuance Power PDF - You can use the F12 function key to open the Debug tool in the Firebug browser when you need. Automatic spell checking, yEd 3.19 You can press Ctrl + Shift + F6 to move from one Microsoft Word document to another. Remember map view location, Command & Conquer Remastered Collection To see all the active programs on the Mac operating system, you have to press F10. How to use the Ctrl+F4 shortcut key. You can enter the BIOS setup of some computers by pressing F10. Close, SmartGit 19 - Close open workflow, FreeCAD 0.18 Changelog. Windows key + Home → Minimize all but the active desktop window (restores all windows on second stroke). Closes the selected workbook window, MYOB AccountRight In some computer programs, pressing F3 opens the search box. Ctrl+F4. Closes the current document (close LibreOffice when the last open document is closed), Microsoft Access 2019 Close tabs in the background, Mozilla Thunderbird All rights reserved. Pressed simultaneously with the Ctrl key, as in Ctrl + F4, it closes the active program window.

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