If it comes out grainy, try looking through a camera app to see if it is just Discord. 0. I'm running under windows 10, 2 discord (one as myself, another running as another user). 3. I have the same issue after upgrading from a iPhone 5s with perfect discord sound quality, to my S8+ which makes the call quality really compressed and bad unless my own Mic is muted. Discord currently uses "call audio" for Android app calls which hampers functionality. Discord: User settings, (Voice and video settings) then here is where you separate the audio from discord. 1 Comments 1 comment. I'm using earphones with a built-in mic. Hello, I've had my S10+ since some months already. https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ how to make mic as loud as possible - https://youtu.be/o45JIEMcVeg discord - https://discord.gg/mqAvKBu Archived . Audio quality, very poor (voicemeeter/virtual cables), solutions? Discord is now testing out a noise suppression feature that promises to help reduce annoying background sounds during voice and video chats. Here’s what to do if the video quality ends up looking like pixel art: First, check if it is your camera that is causing the issue. Posted by 1 year ago. Discord works with whichever audio output device is connected to your system. Sort by Date Votes. I currently use a Galaxy S9+ which has an option to separate app sound and force an app's audio stream to Bluetooth or phone audio. Fixed poor media audio quality when in Discord call (Android fix) Close. Official comment. Troubleshooting Discord Video Quality. You can check this within Discord’s Voice & Video settings by clicking Test Video. There is no special set-up needed to make calls with Discord. In fact, when you install the app, or open it, it can automatically detect the default hardware that’s set for audio output on your system, and switch to using it. I switched from an HTC 11, with which I had the exact same issue I'm going to describe. Bad audio quality while using bluethoot headphones Answered. Fixed poor media audio quality when in Discord call (Android fix) So first you make sure you have "Force calls to use OpenSL ES" on. Basically, when I start a call using discord, Skype or whatsapp, my audio quality becomes really bad. Librarian June 06, 2019 22:38; Hi, sorry you're having this problem. MikuChiii June 05, 2019 08:38; Whenever i use my bluethoot headphones in discord the audio quality becomes 10 times worsw. I use discord nightly and i really really wish there was a way around this. Playing any kind of media while in a call makes it sound like it's playing audio from a 144p YouTube video from 2004. The channels I've been testing this on have the bitrate set to max.

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