See the Nobel site: The following sites track emerging diseases,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Why don't woodpeckers get headaches? Data so far suggests that the vaccine is extremely effective against those four strains, but it is important to realize that strains other than those in the vaccine are responsible for some cancer. Accompanying news story: E M Cantin & J J Rossi, Molecular medicine: Entry granted. The following are case study samples and guides on case presentation. A broad-based vaccine resource, from the University of Michigan Medical School... UC Berkeley scientists, led by B Rubinsky, are working on a new approach to treating solid tumors. The work was featured in the student newspaper, December 8, 2006: Researchers Find Possible Way to Block Anthrax, In fact, much of the book deals with the hype surrounding telomerase -- and attempts to commercialize telomerase technologies. Available in UC Berkeley Library. A total of 62 human cases of WIN were id notified during this outbreak, including seven deaths. "From October 2001 to June 2006, Science's SAGE KE provided news, reviews, commentaries, disease case studies, databases, and other resources pertaining to aging-related research. Cancer Quest, a broad informational resource, largely organized as a tutorial, from G Orloff, Emory Univ. By mid-summer, we may have the disease under control. As with any mercury compound, it is toxic. Adverse Effects of Vaccines: Evidence and Causality, August 25, 2011. Here, at, we deliver professionally written papers, and the best grades for you from your professors are guaranteed! I suggest that readers start with two editorials, with differing views. Inside Cancer. Now there is a report of Marburg virus being detected in bats. However, given the severe result in this case, people are questioning whether "properly" was good enough. In this short book, he talks about finding a gene that extends the life of simple yeast -- and of worms. January 12, 2005. * "Questions and Answers about HPV Vaccine Safety". Scroll down to page 5 of the file for this item. Special pages offer guidance to patients, educators, students, and health professionals. The vaccine is effective against four of these strains. This news story discusses some examples and concerns. Reading the article for its background information can be good. Book. Alliance for the Prudent Use of Antibiotics. But the topic has taken on greater significance with the increasing recognition of how relevant the protein folding problem is to disease. These mice lived longer (by about 15%) than the "normal" mice. Also available in Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, Vietnamese. Pollan also expresses reservations about how significant the policy announcement will be. One of these is attacked by the human immune system; however, the other -- the more novel one -- evades it, and actually succeeds in supplying iron to the bacteria. G F Sawaya & K Smith-McCune, HPV vaccination - more answers, more questions. Those interested in bacteria, especially as agents of disease, will enjoy this fascinating tale of the origins of modern medical microbiology. Nevertheless, browsing it may be useful, at least as a guide to the questions that get raised. The therapeutic RNA attached to the rabies virus delivery system protects the mice from an experimental viral infection of the brain. They report promising results in a mouse model system. Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! Why? A history site from the Smithsonian Institution, posted to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first polio vaccine. Many cases are now known where we realize that the main effect of a mutation that causes a disease is to interfere with protein folding. Although SAGE KE has now ceased publication, we invite you to search and browse the article content on this archive site." One major story is the first clear elucidation of the life cycle of a pathogenic bacterium -- anthrax. J Diamond, The double puzzle of diabetes. In any case, the book is delightful biology, delightfully presented. This item is listed on this page for HIV and HPV. Vaccines seem to be the subject of many controversies. And that is not just the ignorance of the general public, but also the ignorance of the medical and scientific communities. Of course, over time, answers to some of these questions are developed. The Jordan Report: Accelerated Development of Vaccines, from the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases). * Countdown to a synthetic lifeform (7/11/07). Some materials are specifically for teachers. * Genetic engineers who don't just tinker (7/8/07). Some early batches of the original polio vaccine (the Salk vaccine, with killed virus) were later found to be contaminated with the virus SV40 (which was not killed by the treatment used to kill the poliovirus). The work is published: J S Towner et al, Marburg virus infection detected in a common African bat. There is a news story, August 2007: Scientists detect presence of Marburg virus in African fruit bats, at: A new study suggests that it might be better to screen for the virus that causes the cancer. They made a few hundred changes in the poliovirus genome, each one making it harder for the genome to function. * G Suntharalingam et al, Cytokine Storm in a Phase 1 Trial of the Anti-CD28 Monoclonal Antibody TGN1412. A classic experiment in the history of studying protein folding was done by Christian Anfinsen, around 1960. We also acknowledge previous National Science Foundation support under grant numbers 1246120, 1525057, and 1413739. ISBN 0-674-00880-4. Interestingly, one effect of severe caloric restriction, which is known to increase lifespan, is lowering the body temperature. The key difference is that the conditions are chosen so that the pores do not quickly reseal; thus the cells "leak to death". The vaccine itself is indeed a product of modern biotechnology: it contains only viral proteins (produced in yeast), with no viral genome; thus it cannot grow at all. For example, the major mutation found in cystic fibrosis is of this type. Again, an excellent introduction and overview. Microbe 1:409, 9/06. Free online: National Network for Immunization Information (NNii). Nature magazine's "web focus" on SARS: It should serve as a good framework for further discussion. Another type of folding-disease connection is illustrated by the prions. See the Prions (BSE, CJD, etc.) Microbe 3:9, 1/08. What Is the Macro Environment in Business Analysis? A nice overview of the field of synthetic biology. BIONIS: The Biomimetics Network for Industrial Sustainability. Researchers, including a group from UC Berkeley, have explored the tricks that the anthrax bacteria use to get the iron they need for growth. Our fears of SARS are enhanced by our ignorance. New England Journal of Medicine 355:1018, 9/7/06. (Methyl mercury is a more common toxic form of mercury, and has been used as a frame of reference for discussing thimerosal in the absence of more direct information.)

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