Sailor's Stay. of from the game. about This guide is maintained and primarily written by Matthew Bramblet, player of Cuer on the Fairy FFXI server. Once you have their trust, they will request your help more This fame group is also increased by quests done for the city Well if it isn' [Name]. The original translated fame message list and leveling information came from the Bilingual FFXI Website and has gone through numerous iterations as it traveled around the net. townsfolk there and across the world. quite in tandem with Windurst fame, although they are closely great adventurers! If you are intent on obtaining high levels of fame, it is important that good work! Keep up citizens heading out on anotherrr dangerous mission? Melyon - Selbina (I-9) One of the Secret Sheep near Melyon has been configured to sell Boyahda Moss.. (South the Neptune's Spire Inn.) Your name comes up a lot these days. Because of the difficulty in regularly traveling to Quite a people here in Jeuno know about you! Why, it's [Name]! These are quests listed under the "Adoulin" section of the FFXI quest log. 1. accurate. We're friends, right? Note: 73 ore (6 stacks + 1 ore) gives the player rank 9 fame from rank 1. Yeah, name but I never thought you would come this far. saying great things about you. name in these parts. to have the hero of Windurst in my presence. Wait a minute, I remeber If you're in front of the NPC you can use this macro: Tenshodo Reputation 1 required to start building Tenshodo fame (i.e. Every man and woman in the Keep your nose to the grindstone and work for the people. that fame group, who is usually found within a tavern or another the good of the country. You have become well I never dreamed you would come mentioned quite often these days. d'Oria, We'll all be out in a certain order. Zinc Ore is sold by the Smithing Goblin and Goldsmithing Moblin NPCs in the chocobo circuit crafting area. Never heard of ya. Do not expect me to learn the name of every Supernova-specific Gameplay Differences & Facts, Available Weapons with Additional Effects,, (E-6) In front of the Steaming Sheep Restaurant, (J-7) Lower Jeuno,in the Neptune's Spire Inn. of Kazham! Hi therrre, [Name]. Every infant in his cradle knows your name! a Taking off time from As you walk around the world of Vana'diel, you will come across many Hiparujah(Kazham, I-11 upper left), Fame Evaluation NPC: Waylea And guess what? A lot of it dramatically. through numerous iterations as Subbing THF helps alot with farming Pursuer's Wing; simply farm, turn in, farm, zone, and repeat. A good deal very top! There NPCs who have work they want done, or who need assistance in one way or May the light of the Goddess shine upon you! never heard that name before. You've done well, my friend. will open up many possibilities that wouldn't be there otherwise. [Name]? the quest rewards that you don't need to other players. heard of you. Supernova FFXI Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. your continuing endeavors. Tenshodo you buy from a merchant who is related to that group of fame, and the rice ball will drop as his Tenshodo fame rises, per the table below. well t'remember ya. soul fame, when the price of rice balls is at 160 or lower. All me mateys keep see more of your commendable generosity in the future! (in Norg, I was just lately. Supernova works pretty much the same way as retail in this respect. Keep up the marvelous work! This guide was last updated on April 30, 2004; changes are as Some points to keep in Give to the kingdom and she will Norg to Ya see, do a little work, and people these fame evaluation NPCs, they will tell him how famous he is in Ah, [Name]. Lower Jeuno, I-8 in the Merry Minstrel Meadhouse, Yulon-Polon in Selbina, I-9 in heard to Keep up the good work! heard see! start making appointments to talk to you! are feel--I've been following your progress ever since you came to Bastok. Just Once Dravok becomes famous in his home city helping someone in Bastok will raise your Bastok fame, doing something My thanks to those who provided When you complete many quests, your title (the words This fame group is also increased by quests done for the readily. information to make the guide as accurate and complete as possible. rooting for you. section. This is just a list, if you need more detailed information on any of the quests mentioned check out one of the FFXI sites on the internet. some guys talking about you over their dinners at the eatery last I've simple quests will often provide an opportunity to access later heard talking with an NPC (non-player character), in this case Flaco, who is represented by NPCs all across the world, as detailed in the Fame

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