Mar 27, 2010 31 0 0 New Orleans, Louisiana. Nov 20, 2010 #1 each picture is about a week or two apart. My tank despite been 200ltrs is not wide enough for large fish and my PH etc are rock hard. Breeding Flowerhorns. This way, the sex of the fish is able to be determined. Not surprising, most fish don’t thrive off of just one type of food. Below are some of the flowerhorn head growth secrets you should know as a hobbyist: The Flowerhorn Kok Gene Sexing of Flowerhorn fish at different stages Go. You’re probably going to want three to four types for the best growth and rotate them. The general consensus, however, is that you shouldn’t feed your flowerhorn just one food. Minimum for a flowerhorn is a 55 but I would do a 75 personally so they have more than a couple inchs to turn around. The table below summarizes the these methods according to different life stages of Flowerhorns. This is a brief procedure of the entire breeding stages of Flowerhorn fishes. H. HondaB20 Feeder Fish. I have reached the stage now where I am thinking of giving up in my tank. Growth rate is rather impressing, during their first year of life they grow up to 2 cm in a month. MFK Member. This is because the size its head is the single biggest determinant of quality and in many cases, its value. Some hobbyists raise their own brine shrimp whereas others just purchased from local fish store. Photo Lounge. 1; 2; Next. Next Last. Thread starter HondaB20; Start date Nov 20, 2010; Forums. There are, though, various sexing methods at any age. Max size may be up to 30 cm (12 in). With that said, more is usually better, so go nuts if you can and feel inclined! There are some species of 40 cm body length. Food for flowerhorn fries Fries: At different stage during the growth of the fries, they need different types of food. Every flowerhorn hobbyist’s goal is to make his flowerhorn cichlid develop a large kok. A few days after they are hatched, baby brine shrimps, by far, is the best. Special Area & Others. Live Bearers no longer have any interest to me. 1 of 2 Go to page. My flowerhorn growth chart. Flowerhorn is a typical large American cichlid with big bulky body, fan-shaped unpaired fins and a bright colored hump on its forehead. Then the parents are taken away and these fries are given special care for proper growth.

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