or the powers that govern us all will keep us in the dark. While some were insistent that the object was most definitely proof of extraterrestrial visitation, others would point to aerial tourism as the culprit for the strange sightings. Whatever the object was, it made many on the Internet voice their opinions and theories as to just what it might have been. And they range from the bizarre to the more plausible. However, some unknown form of propulsion prevented this from happening. Some point to the clear triangular nature of the craft (similar to the sighting over Puerto Rico several days previously). Whatever the objects might be, they move in a fashion that is noteworthy, at the very least. He would state: I thought it was a satellite because they were really high up but (then), one starts to pursue the other one, then two more appeared…It was like a dogfight way high up! Make sure you check in with us each month as we will update the page regularly with the most recent UFO sightings of 2019. The witness would further see another orb a short distance on their journey which once more broke into several identical orbs and ultimately vanished. It features such good footage we simply can’t ignore it. One researcher would offer that it was most likely that the craft was operating under some type of cloaking technology. They would even claim that the process is known as “flaring” and can, as was the case here, last for several hours. The object was witnessed by two friends who each stood in front of their houses on the otherwise quiet street. And while there is slightly more than usual this month. The witness, who managed to capture several minutes of footage of the sighting, would claim that they (again) received a sudden urge to go outside for reasons he couldn’t explain. Incidentally, you can see the video footage of the incident below. In the middle of the afternoon, at 3:30 pm on the 19th April in Eastbourne in the United Kingdom, an aviation enthusiast would capture footage of an apparent UFO while attempting to film a helicopter flying overhead. Goshawks are most at home in large conifer blocks and readily take to a diet of grey squirrel, rabbit, pigeon and crow. They would remark in their report had they not already had their camera equipment set up, then it would have most likely have been impossible to capture a photograph due to the small amount of time it was visible for. However, we start our February round-up with a sighting that happened at the end of the previous month in North Carolina. Machu Picchu Sighting Unintentionally Captured During “Selfie”, 20th July, “Shape-Shifting UFO” Hovering Over Cambridge, England, 21st July. She would claim to have “no recollection” of how she might have received the markings. As they took the pictures they would also stop and simply watch the scene before them. While some Londoners were convinced that the UFO was indeed the result of alien visitors, others would claim the display was some kind of projection or light display, possibly from the new Tottenham Hotspur stadium. Suddenly the craft began to glow even brighter than it already was. However, ultimately, they remain unexplained. The top object was constantly orange. They would remain visible for around 5 minutes before finally disappearing. This most recent footage was captured on 2nd July during the solar eclipse and appeared to show a “fleet of alien vessels” using the hurricane as cover to enter the base. One particularly intriguing theory was that the UFO was likely “cloaked” but the neon blue flash of the police vehicle’s lights likely “revealed it”. So sure that he was witnessing something out of the ordinary that he would pull his vehicle to the side of the road and leave the vehicle in order to capture footage of the bizarre incident. Another of the pictures captured by the witness is available below. A strange sighting on the evening of the 1st September from the Sherman Oaks area of California was also captured on video tape. Because of the nature of the sightings – sometimes described as a “fireball” – and because of the ground they covered, it was theorized at first that the incident was likely a meteor shower. Although there was no video footage of the object an eagle-eyed resident in Spain, at least according to the report, managed to capture a UFO hovering in the background behind a police car. Thinking it was as good as any object to focus on, the witness did exactly that.

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