More about me, The weirdest thing about this song is that it’s actually in 3/4 time so be sure to count one beat short of the normal four! F Happy Birthday dear [PERSON]! lusion 01 here. Search. So instead of strumming your ukulele on every beat, you would play “pluck, strum, strum.” This really brings across that traditional waltz feel. Ver 3 * 23. To keep the beat going steady in this odd time signature, it can be helpful to substitute a strum for a pick on the first beat. Ver 1. The strum-along contains the most basic chords—the I, the V, and the IV (in the key of C major, C, G7, and F). Enjoy. Peter Edvinsson Trad. Ver 5 * Pro Play This Tab. Check out the YouTube Tutorial for this song and Download the PDF Tab. Pro Access 80% OFF. Both are pretty simple, but the picking in the key of F is probably easier. From Cgood friends and G7true, From G7old friends and Cnew, May Cgood luck go Fwith you, And ChappiG7ness tCoo. (If needed, use Capo 2 to transpose to A scale) [Verse 1] G D Happy birthday to you, D7 G Happy birthday to you, C Happy birthday, dear ___ ___, G D7 G Happy birthday … C7 F Happy birthday dear [NAME] G7 C Happy birthday to you! Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. There’s also an ukulele tab that shows how to pick the melody of Happy Birthday. 417. Sign up Log in. One of the most widely known songs in the Western world, every player worth his or her salt should probably know how to play Happy Birthday on ukulele. [Extra] C G7 From … Here are some chords you needa know. Try Now. Christian version of the popular "Happy Birthday" song. 1. days: 00. hrs: 25. min: 19. sec. More Versions. Hello. C G G happy b-day to, you, happy, b-day to C C F G C (one stroke) you, Happy, b-day dear, (name), happy b-day to, you Happy Birthday Ukulele - Stevie Wonder, Version (1). Key of C: C G7 Happy Birthday to you! Ukulele in C F C7 F 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 2 0 3 1 0 0 Bb F C7 F 3 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 1 3 1 Free sheet music - Capotasto Music. The music is playable on flute, piano, and other C instruments. It might sound a little goofy on a such a rambunctious, plodding tune like Happy Birthday, but it will force you to get used to dropping one beat from the standard 4/4. Happy Birthday To You Arr. The Happy Birthday song with lyrics and guitar diagrams in the key of C Here are the Happy Birthday song chords and lyrics in the key of C. This isn't the best pitch for most people to sing the melody in naturally, but it's the most common of the easy keys to play songs in on the piano if you're a pianist who's just started to learn the repertoire. The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun Ukulele Chords + Tabs, Three Little Birds Ukulele Chords - Bob Marley Ukulele Chords, James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go Ukulele Chords, Bill Withers - Just The Two Of Us Ukulele Chords, Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon Ukulele Chords, Somewhere Over The Rainbow Ukulele Chords - Israël Kamakawiwo'ole Ukulele Chords, The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps Ukulele Chords, Yesterday Ukulele Chords - Beatles Ukulele Chords. If you’re holding the right chord it doesn’t matter which note you pluck! Strumming. Happy C Birthday to G7 You. Yes, this is the chords for The Click Five's "Happy Birthday". Happy Cvar USFBhasChords = true;Birthday to G7You Happy G7Birthday to CYou Happy CBirthday Dear    (FNAME) Happy CBirthday G7to YCou. ultimate guitar com. Because each string is harmonized by the chord, any note you strike will work. Happy C Birthday Dear ( F NAME) Happy C Birthday G7 to Y C ou. Free treble clef sheet music for Happy Birthday with chords and lyrics. C Happy Birthday to you! Ver 4 * 140. Happy G7 Birthday to C You. Guitar 1: E (0 7 9 9 9 7) B (7 9 9 8 7 7) C#m OR Dbm (9 11 1 Ver 2. From C good friends and G7 true, From G7 old friends and C new, May C good luck go F with you, And C happi G7 ness t C oo. Click the “PDF Download” link for a PDF version of the melody in the key of F. This is also the best bet for people more comfortable with standard notation “sheet music.”, I’m an ukulele artist from Honokaʻa, Hawaiʻi, where I run this site from an off-grid cabin in the jungle. C G7 C Happy Birthday to you! 645. I’ve taught workshops internationally, made Herb Ohta Jr. laugh until he cried, and once jammed with HAPA onstage in my boardshorts. To transition smoothly between these open shapes, use an economy of movement: Don’t lift your third finger when moving from C to G7; just slide it down a fret. C G7 Happy birthday to you, G7 C Happy birthday to you! Normally played in G scale. Included below are two keys so you can strum the one that fits your voice the best. Play Happy Birthday Ukulele using simple video lessons 1…2…3…1…2…3…. 1,324. Official. I like a lower note to emphasize the “low, high, high” pick, strum, strum pattern.

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