Even if you protect your floors while painting, a drop or two will inevitably sneak by the drop cloth. How to Deep Clean Hardwood Floors Deep cleaning your hardwood flooring is a several step process. Every 3 to 5 Years: Add a fresh coat of finish. In this method, you apply heat with either a hair dryer or clothing iron (on the lowest setting) to loosen the wax. If that doesn’t do the trick, pick up some. It’s super popular and is, When it comes to water-based wood floor cleaners, there are so many options. But, if you don’t have the time, here’s a quick summary. Use a small amount of Bona (a light mist) and wipe it with a completely clean microfiber pad/cloth. Next, you will require a concentrated hard wood cleaner. Once cold and hard, you can easily chip off the gum with a plastic knife or any other flat tool. Every stain is a little bit different, and so are techniques necessary to remove them. If that doesn’t work, rub it with a cloth dipped in rubbing alcohol. While they sound like great “hacks,” your hardwood floors are too important and frankly too valuable to risk it. Every Month: Perform a deep cleaning. If that doesn’t do the trick, pick up some Goo Gone Pro-Power Spray Gel on Amazon. © 2014-2019 Home Floor Experts. Bona Professional Series Natural Oil Hardwood Floor Cleaner (, . All content on PrudentReviews.com is intended for informational purposes only. Some brooms have thicker bristles that won’t pick up dust as well and could scratch your floor. Never use a water/vinegar solution with more than 25% vinegar. To get the best results, fill a spray bottle with water and give your floors a very light spritz before wiping them immediately with the microfiber mop. They are applied on top of stained wood floors to provide a layer of protection and give them a glossy, semi-gloss, or satin look. Remove deep stains, grease, and scuff marks. In humid weather, operate a ceiling fan or the air conditioner to speed up the drying. Most of the time, a quick vacuuming is all they need. If your current vacuum doesn’t have an attachment for wood floors, the next best option is to use a floor mop that has a detachable microfiber head like, If you don’t have a vacuum safe for hardwood floors or a microfiber mop, sweep up the loose dirt and dust with a broom that, has fine bristles and exploded/split tips (. Whatever you do, never underestimate the power of regular maintenance for your wooden floors. Dip a cloth in the water/vinegar solution and scrub the stained area for a few minutes. You do not need to mix the cleaner with water; the cleaner is designed to work on its own. You love your hard wood floors, and surface clean them frequently. For long term care, its best that you routinely sweep and/or vacuum your hardwood flooring… Sure, you might get away with wet-mopping your floors a few times, but eventually, moisture will absorb into the wood. If you use an iron, place several paper towels on the wax and a washcloth on top of the paper towels. Leave a comment below; we’d love to hear your feedback. Surface finishes prevent water and other liquids from absorbing into the floor, making it easy to wipe up spills. You can’t go wrong with either of these specially formulated cleaners, but you can go wrong by trying to develop a solution of your own. So how exactly do you deep clean hardwood floors? Before you start cleaning, it is best to do some preventive maintenance. Our guide shows you how to deep clean worn hardwood floors and will ensure that they stay beautiful forever. Regardless of the type of finish, it’s important to mop in the direction of the floorboards. Surface finishes are the most common type of residential wood floor finish. How to Remove Candle Wax From Wood (4 Easy Methods). Every Week: Vacuum using a wood floor attachment that won’t cause scratches. Also, it comes in a spray bottle to limit the amount of moisture on your floors. For long term care, its best that you routinely sweep and/or vacuum your hardwood flooring. Spoiler: I highly recommend canister-style vacuums, and the best one you can buy is the. I’ve talked to many unaffiliated floor experts over the past several years, and 8 out of 10 of them recommend Bona products. sponge in a 4 to 1 water/vinegar solution and gently rub out the residue. Most people overwater their plants and don’t realize they are leaking out the bottom until it’s too late.

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