Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. You can tincture the whole herb for internal use –. ( Log Out /  Your water should reduce down to approximately 2.5 ounces to match the amount of alcohol to be used. This tough little plant doesn't make much of a tea, so I recommend using it as an alcohol extract, also known as a tincture. It is a lichen that grows on trees and you can find tons of it where the air is cleanest. [3] Adult Dosages : For Herpes Simplex, take 1 tsp. Create a free website or blog at Dosage for adults is 2-3 dropperfuls 3x/day as needed. How To Make an Usnea Tincture Part 2. Usnea is more effective as a tincture rather than tea when treating infections, as its antimicrobial properties are more alcohol soluble. He was able to pick me enough to make about a quart of tincture. We found enough for everyone at the retreat up in Highlands. 2. If you prefer to buy tinctures rather than make your own, I highly recommend Herb Pharm! Take off the heat, remove cover and allow to cool for a few minutes. How To Make an Usnea Tincture Part 1. 1-5 mL, 3-5 times daily The recipe I used is as follows: Ratio of herb to liquid as weight to volume – 1:5 whether fresh or dried (That is NOT the same for all herbs) 1 ounce fresh or dried usnea, chopped up. I just finished making the tincture using the DOUBLE EXTRACTION method so I wanted to share my first video tutorial. Usnea As herbalist Ryan Drum once said: Usnea is among our best herbal antibiotics against gram positive bacteria, particularly Streptococci and Staphylococci, both internally and externally. Usnea is not soluble in water, so you need to extract the usnic acid using booze. The best way to use usnea for health, respiratory, and immune system benefits is to make a tincture. Making your own alcohol extract is easy and will save you money. There is an amazing amount of Usnea info from Rosalee de la Foret so go visit her blog too! 1. While usnea … Many tree branches fell with all the bad weather up there so all we had to do was pick it up. antibacterial, bella vista farm, first aid, herbal remedies, herbal tinctures, not your mama's salve, tinctures, usnea, usnea tincture. This tough little plant doesn't make much of a tea, so I recommend using it as an alcohol extract, also known as a tincture. I tincture dried usnea with organic grain alcohol at 1:4 95%, and fresh usnea at 1:2 95%. ( Log Out /  I use 100 proof vodka. Topical Use of Usnea as Anti-Bacterial Cream Things you will need shea buttercream/ petroleum jelly, usnea. This makes it a beneficial anti-bacterial cream to treat wounds. You pick the usnea, sort out the non-usnea debris that accidentally gets picked too, and really … Place chopped usnea in a stainless steel pot, add water. Change ). Usnea not only contains antibiotic properties, but it also produces immunostimulatory, anti-inflammatory and antitumoral properties. It is in two parts so make sure you watch both on You Tube, here are the links. Making your own alcohol extract is easy and will save you of money. I use a glass blender to create an usnea/alcohol slurry. They carry Usnea Tincture, as well as different immune boosting blends, alcohol-free glycerites, and products for kids. [2] In vitro research strongly supports Usnea's antimicrobial properties. Using a solvent like alcohol, vinegar, or glycerin, you can extract a greater spectrum of the whole plant and preserve the medicine much longer than an infusion or a decoction. Usnea is a really cool herb! I use it in my Not Your Mama’s First Aid Salve . Pour usnea and the infused liquid into an 8 ounce canning jar. Usnea is a lichen( an algae fungus combination) and it is antimicrobial, antibacterial, vulnerary and antifungal.

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