thank you very much and congratulations for your wonderful blog !! Dig in. Add the black bean sauce (from the step 8) on top of the noodles. Otherwise the sauce might taste too strong (e.g. Enjoy! Thanks for your feedback! Loved it! (like in soy sauce for example), so long story but short question. Hi! Hi Sue, Btw I’m gonna freeze it so I’ll tell you if it is still edible hahah, Hi Sue, how to make this black bean paste at home because around my place can’t find any korean products. Thanks for doing this! I wl try with chicken or beef. Nur, Where are you going to share my photo? Add the pork into the wok and stir until the pork is half cooked. Since the noodles tend to absorb all liquids without getting soggy or plump, I thought to try it with this recipe. This looks great! Though many home cook’s recipes appear on there are not tested and/or use vague measurement. Thanks for your feedback. He LOVED it. Enjoy my recipe! Ok, Saugat! I was wondering if I could substitute the noodles with other kinds of pasta/noodles such as spaghetti or fettuccine? Aka Korean Chinese restaurants way by using LARD! I really love the extra flavor lard has to offer in the sauce. , Can you substitute the pork some other kind of meat or can you take out meat all together cause I really dislike meat but I’m afraid that it might change the flavor to much? I really love your photography anyway ❤. I hope you and your husband gets to try this recipe. It’s quite pricy but since you’re willing to pay… Good luck hunting! I was just wonder why you needed to cook the black bean paste in oil? Is it possible to use the instant ramyun udon noodles for jjajangmyun? Add the lard (or cooking oil) and melts it in the wok. This week in your email you had a Jajangmyeon recipe with its’ instructions complete with color pictures. You can also have this black bean sauce with rice instead of with noodles. Hi Anja, Thanks for trying out my recipes and giving me such a compliment! Add the black bean sauce (from the step 8) on top of the noodles. He said it tasted just like he remembered. Add the black bean paste (from step 2) into the wok and mix it in with vegetables. P.S. Is it ok to add flour instead of the potato starch and water? Big Congrats on Drama Fever…recently I finished watching “let’s eat” and I am still thinking about that drama…really dangerous watching it late at night hehehe 1. My family is still raving how delicious it was!! Recipe looks great, I definitely want to try it. Extra kudos for that too! Rinse the pork in cold water and pat it dry with kitchen paper. Hi Sue, if cooking for 8 persons, do I just multiply the measurements of the ingredients? Hi Kensoong, I don’t have the recipe for the black bean paste yet. I found a Korean black bean paste at my local Asian supermarket, here in Italy. long time! Hi Kevin, Good choice. So its not black but hell I care it tastes really good. I knew my love liked it so I bought a package of the sauce from a local korean market and made it. Any recommendations? I will have to wait until I go into town to get the right black bean paste Recipe on hold. Thank you alot for the recipe, but can we use another meat type instead of pork meat or is it nessecary? On the package picture it says vermicelle… I think you had the right one. 1 cup chicken stock (as natural as possible), Slurry (potato starch 5 Tbsp + water 4 Tbsp), Peas or sweet corn (from a tin, alternative), (Update August 26, 2015) I tried using lard instead of cooking oil for the first time and I am really liking the result it gives. 1kg (35 ounces), fresh jajangmyeon noodles (Or you can use fresh udon or ramen noodles) 1 large onion (150g / 5.3 ounces) 1 medium … The potatoes should cook completely between the step 4 to 7. I don’t know which cut as it’s only labelled as diced pork, but you could try fat trimmed pork collar butt. Can you take a picture and send to me? I used the pre-fried but I’m wondering if I would get an even better flavor with the other one? She has not had seconds of any other that I have made. Yours was much, MUCH better than any other recipes I’ve looked at. The nutrition information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator.

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