Mochi bread (麻波波糬), is a no-flour type of bread, made with glutinous rice and tapioca starch, which give them a chewy bouncy texture. Korean Mochi Bread Every time before returning back to KL, I usually be swamped with days of continuous bread and cake baking to fill up the fridge bread supply for the maid (while I am away) as well as to fill up my hand carry luggage with various bakes requested by my buddies. Chewy Korean Mochi bread Recipe adapted from a fb friend - Pheony I make 12 pieces from this recipe Ingredients : 200g Korean Mochi bread premix 50g bread/high protein flour 5g milk powder (I replace this with Parmesan cheese) This premix is not cheap, a pack of 550g cost… Add in an egg and mix it well. Great recipe for Korean Mochi Bread (Cheesy flavour). In fact, the ingredients are practically the same, with the exception that the Brazilian Cheese Bread is savoury and Korean Mochi Bread is usually sweet. She sent me a pack of this Korean mochi bread premix and ask me to try. There are a lot of version, some flavored with cheese, chocolate, green tea and some stuffed with dried berries and fruits. Dec 1, 2014 - I have been wanted to bake this Korean mochi bread for quite sometimes but did not take any action until a friend of mine ask about it. (If the dough is too wet, use more tapioca and plan flour to form a non sticky Crispy outside and a bit chewy inside... very special and delicious. Thanks to LK for sending me the pack of Korean mochi bread premix. I recently discovered Korean Mochi Bread Balls and was instantly reminded of Brazilian Cheese Bread (Pao de Queijo).

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