Pros Airy top end. For the record I own a SP C1, AT 4033, Rode NTK, Octava MC12, Shure. MXL V69 Mogami Edition When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. MXL V69 Mogami Edition Review Sign in to disable this ad I thought this would be the appropriate place to post this, although there is a review section. MXL V69 Mogami Edition Studio Microphone with Case With a 1" diaphragm, 12AT7 tube, and internal Mogami wiring, the V69 delivers warmth and character. MXL V69 Mogami Edition review £249 By Future Music 28 April 2010 Shares Our Verdict With a sheen and response that outshines its asking price, the V69 Mogami is a gem. The … MXL V69M EDT MOGAMI Edition Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone The V69 is the standard of excellence for tube condenser microphones. Solid suspension mount. Learn more Sign up to our email list here for deals, giveaways, reviews and more in your inbox! No changes to the mic’s construction or components have been made since the socketed 12AT7 tube was introduced within this mic (replacing a soldered miniature tube). MXL began referring to the V69 as the “V69ME” (for “Mogami Edition”) in 2008/2009. The MXL V69 ME, is a Chinese Manufactured Tube Mic. It is however not a clone of any other microphone and is a new cool approach to microphone circuit design. V69 DIY Mod Do It Yourself Instructions The MXL V69 seems to be a very popular mic among low end enthusiasts. The capsule is MXL’s standard 32mm K67 type.

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