Where can I take my instrument and/or amplifier to be repaired? Ever since, it remains the body wood for the majority of Fender electric instruments. Joined: Nov 23, 2010 Location: Cardiff, UK. Clear Alder accepts stain evenly, often making it indistinguishable from Cherry in appearance. Body, Neck and Fingerboard. A few Warmoth videos I saw on neck woods and body woods showed that while not huge, the body wood differences could be heard on a solid body electric guitar like a strat or tele. Discussion in 'Squier Stratocasters' started by horax, Aug 12, 2019. However, the following differences stand out: How can I find out when my American-made instrument was manufactured. It's currently my favorite player. But the CV 60s nato body will sound different than my standard alder strat body. What kind of wood is this? But i am likely going to try one of the nato/laurel CVCs when they arrive, but only because of GCs 45 day money back trial period. I was looking at a very nice Yamaha APX700 yesterday and it had a solid top and NATO back and sides. How often should I have a set-up adjustment done on my instrument? They also both like living where there is a good water-supply. I have a CV70s INDO, and a VM70s INDO and I love them. While it is bright and clear, it has a bit more warmth and darkness than the other common fingerboard wood - maple. What Kind of Wood Is Alder?. Body Woods Alder Similar to Basswood, alder is lightweight with soft tight pores. It is characterized by light brown and reddish undertones. May be the best Squiers I have ever purchased. ....and to me honestly body wood has zero effect on the plugged in sound.....YMMV though, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Fender adopted alder for electric instrument bodies in mid-1956, probably for no other reason than it was there; it was readily available and more affordable than ash. Softer woods include Alder, Swamp Ash and Basswood. ), 1962 Gibson EB0 bass - front. Nato is an inexpensive replacement for Mahogany, sharing the bright, pronounced mid ranges, but doesn't quite have the presence of Mahogany. Wood Hardness Chart Species (Alphabetical) Hardness Species (by Hardness) Hardness Mahogany, Honduran 800 Padauk 1725 Mahogany, Santos 2200 Tabaccowood 1750 Maple, Hard North American 1450 Rosewood, Bolivian 1780 Maple, Ivory 1500 Bamboo, Carbonized 1800 Maple, Soft 999 Hickory 1820 Merbau 1925 Pecan 1820 Mesquite 2345 Yellowheart 1820 Softer woods have a mellower, warmer tone. It also has a large swirling grain pattern to it. What kind of wood is NATO? Alder. Discussion in 'Acoustic Heaven' started by miurasv, Dec 10, 2010. Some species of alder (not aldar) are as tall and as tree-like as cottonwoods, and the leaves of some of the species of each, are indeed similar in shape. Softer woods include Alder, Swamp Ash and Basswood. Dec 10, 2010 #1. miurasv TDPRI Member. How do I set up my Telecaster® guitar properly? Posts: 84. It’s a medium-weight wood, although quality cuts of alder used for guitar bodies will often weigh less than denser cuts of ash. While it is bright and clear, it has a bit more warmth and darkness than the other common fingerboard wood - maple. Fender JMJ Mustang Bass Service Notification. I have zero worries over any of the wood used in the MII CVs. Guitar Tone Woods A tone guide for Guitar Tone Woods. Rosewood is a commonly used wood on the fingerboards of bass guitars. Softer woods have a mellower, warmer tone. What should I do when taking my equipment to be serviced? Clear Alder is a light hardwood with no knots, having a grain pattern similar to Cherry. How do I set up my Stratocaster® guitar properly? I have a Gretsch with a Nato neck and a Laurel fretboard. Nato wood is a collective name for wood from Mora trees (the best-known species are Mora excelsa (Mora) and Mora gonggrijpii (Morabukea). If they sound good, they're candidates for purchase. This bass currently undergoing full overhaul. It is often considered as the other "traditional" Stratocaster body wood. It was and still is a very good choice. Missing the dead Fender JB pickup, also the knobs. I'll play them. Softer Woods. It is lightweight, has beautiful grain patterns, and gives a warm sound with plenty of highs. Alder: full and rich, with fat low-end, nice cutting mids, and good overall warmth and sustain.Alder is generally considered to be one of the "traditional" Stratocaster body woods. Alder. I have guitars w/ Alder, Ash, Poplar, Agathis, Pine, Mahogony, Maple, Basswood ... they all do the job just fine (although Ash is the nicest for showing the grain, IMHO). Although classified as a hardwood, alder is one of the softest of all hardwoods and is more commonly referred to as a semi-hardwood. Agathis is a low cost alternative to Maple, with a fast attack/decay and a fairly balanced sound. […] These larger rings and sections add to its strength, and the complexity of the tones. Whenever I look at this. I'm not predicting tone am i? What are the tonal differences between ceramic-magnet and alnico-magnet pickups? Alder used to be very popular in the 1950s and 1960s, and many Fender guitars from that era are made from Alder.Today it is a bit more expensive of a wood, relatively, and isn’t as common. How do I set up my Fender guitar properly? Ash: exhibits a "snappier" tone with a bright edge, but with a warm bass and long sustain. As with ash, it’s impossible to discuss alder without making reference to Fender, which first used alder prominently in the late ’50s and early ’60s. Did i not say i am looking to buy one? Meranti is a low cost timber which is used for it's strength rather than tonal properties. It has a straight and even-textured wood grain with indistinct boundaries between the heartwood and the sapwood. Softer Woods. Rosewood is a commonly used wood on the fingerboards of bass guitars.

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