Each year, two to three residents are accepted into our training program, which provides seven years of clinical training and research Further details regarding the comprehensive benefits package can be found at the YNHH GME website. The program was founded as a nationally accredited residency program in 1958, and has been continuously and fully accredited ever since. As an acclaimed regional referral center for neurosurgical disorders, our clinical practice attracts a large and varied patient base. After medical school, you have seven years of residency and then one or two additional years of fellowship before you can even become a neurosurgeon. Considering the relatively low cost of living in the New Haven area, the resident salaries are highly competitive. Since it was established in 1934, the UCSF Neurosurgery Residency Program has grown into a seven-year, innovative program that ensures a thorough immersion in every sub-specialty of neurosurgery. This means that specialties with longer residencies (ie, neurosurgery) will probably have a larger salary than her own specialty, which requires about 3 years of training. I had a baby when I was a resident… PGY-7. The Weill Cornell Medicine Neurosurgery Residency Program provides training for clinical neurosurgery and related specialties, as well as the opportunity to participate in clinical and basic-scientific research, at the #1 hospital in New York. The program focuses on teaching the … The Baylor College of Medicine Neurosurgery Residency Program has a history as one of the largest and most respected neurosurgery training programs in the United States. About the Program. 412-647-3685 neuroinfo@upmc.edu Postgraduate Year: Salary: PGY-1: $69,209: PGY-2: $72,670: PGY-3: $76,303: PGY-4: $80,118: Other Benefits. UPMC Presbyterian, Suite B-400 200 Lothrop Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Neurosurgery research residents have the opportunity to participate in our SNS and CAST-approved fellowships in the following subspecialties: neurocritical care, cerebrovascular neurosurgery, spinal neurosurgery, neurosurgical oncology, peripheral nerve neurosurgery, stereotactic and functional neurosurgery and pediatrics. Buffalo is home to one of the most innovative and exciting neurosurgery residency training programs in the country, through the Department of Neurosurgery. The final year of the program is the chief resident year. The UCSF Neurosurgery Residency Program is committed to training the next generation of academic neurosurgeons who will continue to advance the field.

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