Blood Parrot Cichlid Tank Mates. Not sure where you got that information. Best Cichlid Food – 6 Most Nutritious Choices Reviewed, Flowerhorn Care Guide & A Closer Look at These Amazing Cichlids. Do you have any recommendations on tank mates for blood parrots? answer #2. Plus answers to some of the common questions we have been asked over the years when discussing compatibility with a blood parrot fish. Compatibility is an important consideration, as some fish will be ill-suited as blood parrot cichlid tank mates. Slow bottom feeders will get torn fins and can be stressed to death. Join hundreds of pet lovers like yourself and receive all updates in your inbox, for free! Freshwater Fish; Cichlids; Blood Red Parrot Cichlid Fish, a Hybrid Cichlid. It’s a hit or miss in this situation. When it comes to determining Blood Parrot Cichlid tank mates you need to keep in mind that nothing is absolute. As long as each fish is given ample areas to hide when they feel like it, there should be little compatibility issues between them. So if you will be wanting to get tank mates, you will be needing a very large tank. Stay away from neon and cardinal tetras as they will most likely be eaten. Cory catfish make great tank mates due to their calmness and way of living. A viable option for larger blood parrot cichlid tank mates with a peaceful disposition is the Bala Shark. Blood Parrot Fish Tank Mates. Their deformed mouths mean they cannot fight particularly well either. eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'cichlidguide_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_5',134,'0','0']));They can grow to be 12 inches long as adults and will do best with more than one of their species. Their deformed mouths mean they cannot fight particularly well either. Also, you are going to want to get fish that are bigger than the size of your blood parrots mouth. You need to meet the space, privacy, and water requirements for Parrot Cichlid as well as those of any other species kept. Apple snails can be put into a blood parrots tank with no problem due to its large hard shell. Selecting fish with peaceful dispositions is only the start. Yoyo loaches have great energy and are great fish to add to any tank. I don’t take it all the time only when I have consistent anxiety and it does help the awful closed throat, heavy heart feeling I get before I have an anxiety attack. Many of the fish on here are too docile and slow to live with parrot fish. Your Blood Parrot can thrive with other tankmates if you take the time to set the aquarium up properly. Tank mates - Blood Parrot. Feel free to leave a comment! When it comes to potential tank mates that are compatible, the Severum is a good choice. They are known to ruin and eat live plants on occasion, so be careful if you are using live plants. It is recommended to get a big apple snail, rather than a small one if you have a large blood parrot fish. They are also bottom dwellers and will not bother your blood parrot fish. If combined with more aggressive cichlids of … The chiclids are the only non bottom-feeder fish my black ghost knifefish will allow into his cave, and one chiclid will stay in there the majority of the day. Remember to observe your Parrot Cichlid and their compatible tankmates to make sure that everyone is getting along or to correct potential issues that may arise when mixing them. While the Blood Red Parrot is believed to be a cross between the Midas and Redhead Cichlid, this cannot be confirmed definitively.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'cichlidguide_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_10',130,'0','0'])); A few of the characteristics of the Blood Parrot will help you determine parrot fish compatibility in your aquarium.

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