We can see this in action by contrasting Princeton’s early acceptance rate of 14.79% for the Class of … The Early Action admit rate for Princeton’s Class of 2022 stands at 14.7% this year. You may also apply early action to multiple colleges. Last year, 15.4% of students who applied SCEA to Princeton earned admission, while the same statistic stood at 18.6% the year before for the Class of 2020. Legacy students, athletes and children of donors are often among those who apply early action. As we’ve mentioned before, Early Action programs offer students higher odds of admission, as well as a more thorough read during the application review process. Early Action A Single Choice Early Action Plan is offered by Harvard, Princeton (except for the 2020-21 first-year admission cycle), and Yale. Early action deadlines usually fall at the same time as early decision. Princeton’s Early Action program stipulated that students applying early action could not apply to any other private university early, though they could apply early to any public or international institution early as long as the decision is non-binding. Early action (EA) is a type of early admission process offered by some institutions for admission to colleges and universities in the United States.Unlike the regular admissions process, EA usually requires students to submit an application by mid-October or early November of their senior year of high school instead of January 1. She’s currently working in a district attorney’s office, preparing for law school. She chose Princeton. For more about this, check out our post Early Decision versus Early Action versus Restrictive Early Action. Princeton offers single-choice early action. Early action is non–binding. The admission process reflects Princeton’s enduring commitment to attract, enroll and support extraordinary students from all backgrounds. Single-choice early action program is a non-binding process, which means that if you're admitted, you have until May 1 to notify Princeton about your decision to attend. Princeton’s Early Action program is single-choice, so you aren’t obligated to attend if you’re accepted, but you cannot submit other Early Action or Early Decision applications. Princeton has offered admission to 791 students for the Class of 2024 through the University’s single-choice early action program. She was admitted early action to Princeton, and in the spring acceptances came from Stanford, Williams, Middlebury, Northwestern, and others. This means you are not bound to attend if you are accepted. Early action . Early decision deadlines are often in November, and students are typically notified of the decision in December.

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