- Click on Change how your keyboard works. ; Tester cannot differentiate between duplicate keys (Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Enter).Be sure to test both of each. These 11 other keyboard shortcuts will make your life easier, too. Pressing the fn button with the F keys will typically enable them to work. To test numeric keypad be sure Num Lock is ON. Recently I noticed that my HPLaptop Keyboard is not working correctly when I press the Shift Key. You should see a small plastic piece that will attach back onto the keyboard base. Here’s the answer to the mystery of those function keys. The Keyboard Keys that are working without Shift Key are as follows. HP 15 Notebook PC Keyboard Key Replacement This 100% OEM HP 15 laptop keyboard but currently there seems to be 3 version of the keyboard on the market, therefore resulting in 3 different hinge clips under the key cap. - Uncheck where it says Turn on Sticky Keys and click OK. Same with Shift and 3 keyboard, it makes a slash instead of the usual number sign. Recently,i installed the windows update after which my laptop keyword keys stop working with shift key.keys like l,k,j,a,s,d,','.>< stop working with shift key but they working perfectly with caps lock. Users have been repeatedly complaining about the issue with Shift keys. Whwn I hold down the SHIFT and 2 key on my keyboard, it suppossed to make the @ sign right It doesnt.. instead it makes this " (a paranthesis). The issue of Shift key not working is just one of the many problems that users have been facing with their keyboards, and through this article, we … Reattaching a Key on a Laptop Keyboard 1. Turn the key over to make sure that the part of the key that latches onto the keyboard is still in place. - Go back to Control Panel then look for Region and Language and make sure all tabs at set to the United States. I have tried troubleshoot and uninstalling the keyboard driver but nothing happen. If this doesn't work try checking the keyboard language if set correctly. Inspect the back of the key for damage. If you merely want to remap one key to another, SharpKeys is a simple, open-source program that uses the Windows registry. The issue of Shift Key not working is not unusual in Windows. The shift key ⇧ Shift is a modifier key on a keyboard, used to type capital letters and other alternate "upper" characters. `1234567890-= qwertyuiop[]\\ asdfghjkl;’ zxcvbnm,./ The Keyboard Keys that are not working with Shift Key … Pls what might be the cause of Hp system (Laptop) turn off automatically once u press the caps lock.

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