She recommends an activity called Pass the Mic: “When it's time to Pass the Mic, everyone is muted. Create a template in Mural, or use our recommended template (linked below). Prep work is especially important for a remote Design Sprint, so this section of our guide is especially long There’s a lot to do: you need to choose and build comfort with new software tools, and you need to prepare the people who will be in your sprint. Since you are looking for validation beyond basic usability testing, avoid unmoderated tools like for design sprints.” —Brie Ann Demkiw, Automattic. Seriously, this is a super difficult situation. ), “Craigslist works better for local participants who are easier to find, like scooter riders or parents. But when you do it virtually, you get to keep your sprint room forever in the cloud!” —Douglas Ferguson, Voltage Control, TEAM DISCUSSIONTime zones don’t always line up, and video chat can be exhausting. The Sprint Book / Bonus Pack / Remote Sprint Guide / Bootcamp / Masterclass / Supplies / The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller, now available in over 20 languages. This won’t affect the price you pay, and it didn’t influence our decisions about what we recommend here. We've done show-and-tells for items magnetized to our fridges.” —Simone Stolzoff, IDEO. Run the interviews like normal, but give each sprinter a separate space for their HMW notes. And no travel! Here’s AJ&Smart’s troubleshooting cheat sheet: Customer’s webcam doesn’t work or they don't want to share video ➔ Tell them it's okay. At the end of the day as folks are cleaning up I play something celebratory.” —Xander Pollock, Palo Alto Design Co. Make sure everyone has detailed instructions before you start. Michael Margolis’s 4-Day Research Sprint was engineered to run in parallel with a Design Sprint. Two big things happened since 2016. and always record the call using two tools. Sprint can package a total WLAN solution for your company, including design, equipment, … And third, a team discussion board for communication throughout the week. We recommend using Zoom’s chat feature to post quick away messages. It’s just that easy to get started. Here’s a video demo of Mural’s voting tool, AJ&Smart’s Design Sprint 2.0 Storyboarding Hack. Set a timer and give everyone three minutes to share their Wrap Up with the group. Share: One at a time, each person creates a Mural sticky note for their idea and places it on the board. For any activity where people work individually, give them a separate space on the whiteboard. Make sure your teammates turn off their video. (Bonus activity: We often write down a high-level Metric when we are running Design Sprints. It's energizing to see all the movement on the board and watch the ‘heat’ grow.” —Julia Jackson, Wily, SPEED CRITIQUEFollow the steps in the book. More than 100 of you submitted your advice, tips, and stories. Another advantage of remote sprints: With unlimited space, you can give each step in the process its own dedicated area on the whiteboard. In the morning, I play music as people are trickling in. (Special thanks to Design Sprint facilitator Ross Chapman for helping us figure this out.). We believe firsthand experience is critical, so we enlisted the worldwide Design Sprint community to help us create this guide. Here’s one way to use it when you're preparing for your next sprint: Get started by selecting this Design Sprint template. TRY FOR TWO SCREENSRemote sprints are better if participants have two screens because they’ll be able to simultaneously see their teammates (on one screen) and the whiteboard (on the other), just like in real life. Often people get distracted so you have to wrangle the cats more.” —Douglas Ferguson, Voltage Control. Create a bunch of dots (small circles) in Mural. During a sprint, I can create a project in Figma, send a link to the whole team, and each participant can join the project and start working simply with a Chrome browser, all at the same time.” —Stéph Cruchon, Design Sprint Ltd, MARKETING PROTOTYPESIf you don’t know what to prototype, prototype the marketing. Schedule extra experts for the first day. Main menu. For folks stuck on a single screen, AJ&Smart has a great suggestion: “Help participants set up their workspace like this: ⅓ of the screen should be dedicated for the video call, and ⅔ for the digital whiteboard. Video drains about half the energy from a conversation, so you’ll have to project more energy in your interviews. There are four main things we think the Sprint book could do a better job at explaining. To make this guide as useful as possible, we’ve applied our personal opinions on top of the results of those interviews. I secretly pick the people who are most easily distracted.” —Marin Licina, Gradient Ventures. Follow the approach we describe in the book and split up the team during prototyping day. A sprint should not be the first time your teammates are using and learning key tools and software.” —Kristen Brillantes, The Sarap Shop, When we published Sprint in 2016, we recommended running Design Sprints in person. Our pick for video conferencing: Zoom — There’s a reason Zoom has become synonymous with video calling in 2020: It just works. Mural and its similarly named competitor Miro were recommended almost equally by the Design Sprint community. The story: How it became the official remote Design Sprint template While Steph was designing our template for running 5-day virtual design sprints, at the exact same time, Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky (the creators of the Sprint at GV), were teaming up with Jackie Colburn to write an in-depth guide to run full five-day remote design sprints. Choose with care, because new tools tend to stick around and become old tools. We’ll share specific suggestions in the step-by-step guide below. With Jackie’s help, we’ve gathered input from more than 100 people around the world who have collectively run thousands of remote Design Sprints. Time Timers “Hall pass” protocol: Give the team a way to notify the group if they need to step away. Kristen Brillantes, former head of design operations at Google Ventures and Stripe, recommends practicing on smaller work sessions to build your team's muscle and confidence in remote collaboration. In a normal Design Sprint, you can use non-verbal techniques for drawing attention to certain individuals or giving them the spotlight. In a remote sprint, you’ll have to remind the team to be ready with something quick: “Tell participants to think ahead to what they might want for snacks and lunch and prepare these in advance.

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