In recent years, the Ontario grape and wine industry has experienced outbreaks of viral diseases across the province. It is therefore of critical importance for the nurseries to survey their propagation material to ensure freedom of GRBV and GPGV, as well as other major viruses. Cabernet franc in Finger Lakes vineyards of New York. [33]), which may render the vine infected with GRSPaV more susceptible to infection by other viruses. This survey targeted only four viruses, two involved in the infectious degeneration (arabis mosaic virus, ArMV and grapevine fanleaf virus, GFLV) and two involved in the grapevine leafroll,grapevine leafroll associated virus 1 (GLRaV-1) and GLRaV-3. As of 2015 the total vineyard acreage in Ontario reached 17,000 acres, of which 87%, 8% and 4% came from Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore and Prince Edward County, respectively (Fig. Bouyahia H, Boscia D, Savino V, La Notte P, Pirolo C, Castellano MA, Minafra A, Martelli GP. Am J Enol Vitic. Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations. Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Riesling, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc all tested positive for multiple viruses, only Merlot and Gewurztraminer were infected with a smaller number of viruses (Table 5). As expected, mixed infections with multiple viruses are common. The second most widely distributed virus is GLRaV-3 which was detected in 68.6% of the 137 vineyard blocks tested. Though GRSPaV has been associated with RSP [28,29,30] and vein necrosis [31], definitive evidence that it is the causal agent of these diseases is still lacking. Virology Journal worldwide. Ontario is the predominant grape and wine producer in Canada. Am J of Enology Vitic. This acari exclusively attack the grape vine leaves. statement and Interestingly, only five of these 62 positive vineyard blocks contained samples with the infection rate of 100% (Table 6). By using this website, you agree to our 2016;100:1513. So for the time being, the only way to develop disease resistant varieties is to carry out the long and rather haphazard method of crossing European and American vines in the hope of finding some that make decent wine as well as reducing the amount of pesticides required to protect them. Importantly, over one third (38.3%) of these GLRaV-3 positive blocks had 100% infection in all the samples collected (Table 6). Furthermore, viral diseases reduce winter hardiness, leading to increased susceptibility to damage or even death resulting from freezing temperatures over severe winters. In: Meng B, Martelli G, Golino D, Fuchs M, editors. Effects of virus and virus-like infections on growth, yield and fruit quality of Albana and Trebbiano Romagnolo grapevines. The insert table shows the numbers of samples, numbers of vine blocks and vineyards that were sampled from the three appellations in the province. It is important to note that much higher prevalence of both GLRaV-3 and GRBV was detected in Ontario compared to British Columbia. Surprisingly, only 6.8% of the samples from vines planted since 2006 were infected by this virus (Table 7). such as Botrytis, Anthracnose and Black Rot. 1996;80:955–8. Mixed infections are very common. 68th Annual Report. Within a short period of time following its discovery, the distribution of GPGV has reached a global scale as it has been reported from 16 countries so far [13], including Canada [14, 15]. Here we report on the results of the survey for these viruses in Vitis vinifera wine grapes collected from across Ontario. Krenz B, Thompson J, Fuchs M, Perry KL. To investigate the status of virus infection in commercial wine grape vineyards in Ontario, we collected 657 composite leaf samples from a total of 3285 vines representing 137 vineyard blocks from 33 vineyards during late summer and early fall in 2015 and 2016 (Fig.

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