I currently have a Mixamp Pro with an Antlion Modmic 4.0 for the Xbox and PS4, along with my HE-400 headphones. report. f. Apparently the Mixamp Pro's noise gate muffles the mic … e. You should hear audio coming from your system. This was last night, it is still muffled. 5 comments. Close. 100% Upvoted. My mic sound muffled on discord. I cant here the sounds but my friends on teamspeak and people in-game in counter strike and overwatch can hear it. Tested with a friend just to get a second opinion and he confirmed and says I sound muffled when I use the golds versus being much clearer on the plyr1s. Posted by 4 months ago. You can do that a couple of times until the mic starts registering your input. In the Sound window click on the Sounds (tab). My friends say my mic quality sounds muffled even tho i just got the headset, and yes i have the headset on correctly. share. The audio works from my computer with other earphones I have so I believe the speakers in my headset just died, except for smaller ones that produce sound that is supposed to be behind me. Im using a fifine k669 through voicemeeter the mic sounds fine on everything except discord. hide. c. You will see a box with a list of items one being Asterisk. Some friends sound fine, while others are too quite. The surround sound is great, and I have no complaints in that regard. yeah they really need to have better settings for chat. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. a. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Hardware and Sound, and then click Sound. Sort by. On the ps3 you had a mic senstivity setting that showed the volume levels of your voice. Open. The mic still works fine. b. They need to add that back to the audio device settings on PS4. 1. My mic sound muffled on discord. Open. If the mic is still not registering proper voice on your PS4, it is likely that the mic gain settings and the sidetone volume are set low. You should also try muting and then un-muting using the PS4. So you can see some visual feedback It muffled the sound on and off for a couple minutes then it stayed muffled. Poorly powered condensers can sound muffled, especially if your mic needs phantom power to run. My mic makes random wind sound Ok so 2 days ago my mic was 100% fine then it just starts making loud wind ear rape like sounds and I dont know whats wrong. Take a look at your power source, whether that is an amp if you are performing live, or a pre-amp/ audio interface in the studio, test it on another mic with similar stats (if you have one). Solution 5: Changing Side Tone Volume and Mic Gain Settings. My only issues arise with the modmic. save. d. Click on Asterisk, or any item in that box, and then click Test. I have the ps4 gold headset hooked up to my PS4.

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