From chord strumming with a guitar pick, to percussive fingerpicking, this instrument remained comfortable and maintained its fullness without falling short on any particular style. However, if this isn’t realistic for you, we’ve included great fallback options with lower price tags that will still hold their own and perform the way you’ll need them to. Throughout our playability testing and measurements, the Ibanez excelled on all fronts. Amusing Ourselves to Death - Neil Postman, 1985. Taylor’s Academy Series sets the bar for high quality and affordable beginner acoustic guitars, and the Taylor – Academy 12 is a shining star that accommodates all play styles. When poorly intonated guitars aren’t even “consistently poorly” intonated, attempting to fix them is almost always a losing battle. Model no. 4.6 out of 5 stars. The A string measured to be different by 10 cents over its octave. Yamaha FG800 vs FS800 – Similarities. With the latter, there was something off-putting and “cheap” about the overall design and finish, but this certainly isn’t the case when it comes to the former. Our test for a guitar’s relative tuning to itself, or intonation, was conducted easily using the very popular instrument-tuning mobile phone app called Guitar Tuna. For example, if you were to pluck the open sixth (lowest) string, you would be playing an E note. The FG series includes the best … If you are, you can choose from three color variants or look for another to better suit your tastes. The Academy 12 was designed and built for the student guitarist. Keep in mind that both the F355 and FG800 are both beginner guitars, so don’t expect mahogany tops and fingerboards. This guitar makes for a great travel companion, as it is easy to carry on your back in its accompanying case and takes up minimal cargo space. In the world of acoustic guitars, experts say “it’s expensive to buy cheap” (more on that below). Pretty nifty to have such a great tool on your phone! The other Artwood series model that we tested, the AC240, felt and sounded very similar to the AW54. These thin blades of steel allow us to measure the curvature of a guitar neck with a high level of precision. The FG800 is simple, elegant, and versatile, and it also features a pretty design to boot. Nato. Practically speaking, acoustic guitars are guitars that don’t need to be plugged in. This is almost always inhibiting and discouraging to children, and can lead them to put down the instrument during practice or even give it up completely. The construction and quality of the Yamaha … The neck was straight and the action was very low. However, smaller-bodied guitars can be very useful for traveling, and many adults and teenagers choose smaller guitars for this reason. Open G chord strummed slowly, one string at a time. Every piece of wood is different, and quality wood with solid manufacturing comes at a higher price. So, you should invest in an instrument that is unlikely to change significantly over the years. For people who want to connect the guitar with amplifier or interface can choose either FSX800C or FGX800C with electronic connectivity. You may hear this in some of the recordings as a “warbled” sound while the notes or chords are sustained. The intonation of a guitar is the instrument’s relative tuning to itself. We tested for neck relief using feeler gauges. The neck relief of a guitar is the curvature of the neck. In this regard, “cheap” will always apply to both the price and the quality/reliability. You can expect great playability with low action and excellent build quality in these guitars. For what it is, the F355 still holds up well, and Yamaha included a few neat design choices to boot. There’s no right or wrong answer when choosing between an electric and acoustic guitar; it’s just personal preference of sound and musical taste. It’s surprising that Yamaha would let this guitar leave the factory with this intonation issue, but it’s also possible the instrument warped on its own due to climate changes or during transit. This was not surprising, as mahogany is a much darker sounding tonewood than Sitka spruce. The F355 is by no means a bad guitar for beginners, but it leaves a bit to be desired in terms of design and appearance. Your guitar’s measurements will not match ours, but consistencies do still ring true throughout models in testing. Without question, the Taylor GS Mini is our top-pick acoustic guitar for children. Seagull has been around since 1982, and has persisted due to their unique sound, solid playability and affordable price. This guitar produced tons of sound with the brightness and clarity you’d expect from a Taylor, but at a reduced size compared to the other full-sized guitars. The F335 felt and played significantly better than the FS800. It’s no coincidence that the best-sounding guitars will also maintain their structure and balance better than all others. However, our runner-up pick, the Ibanez – AW54OPN, was an exception to this. The Taylor – Academy 12 is our top choice for a beginner acoustic guitar. This leads to extreme restriction, and sometimes even a totally scrapped guitar. Back material. Your Best Digs saves you time and money with reviews of the products you need. But these Yamaha models are very similar in price yet fail to deliver the same quality. In addition to its low action and beautifully bright and resonant tone, the guitar rested comfortably between my lap and strumming arm with the aid of Taylor’s ergonomic armrest cut into the edge of the guitar body.

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